Japanese Home

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Today we will be talking about Japan and the way they integrate their culture into their home. According to impressiveinteriordesign.com, Japan’s interior design was influenced back thousands of years ago since the Japanese architecture. Their objective is to have a clean and uncluttered style of living so they can help create a special and calm home for both them and their visitors. Their interior decorating embraces balance, order, ancient customs and love for natural beauty.


Taking a dive into a Japanese’s living room, you would notice that their seating are either very low or on the ground (pillow). This “low furniture” aspect has been a common preference in the Asian interior furniture as we’ve noticed the Chinese and the Korean also preferred this type of style too. The reasons to why the Japanese prefer the floor culture is because it factors into a plethora of health benefits such as eating. This practice has been around over thousands of years ago. Majority of the Japanese housing has sliding doors or screen. This is mainly due to the crowded place and environment. The sliding screen is more functional than a door because a door will need the room to swing open while a sliding door slides. Normally, in Japanese home the lighting are dim. Dim lights are known for providing a relaxation vibe which is part of their belief, tranquility.

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Art of course is more than just art to the Japanese, art is a message and a display of skills. There are many types of art that the Japanese incorporate into their homes. There are the bonsai tree, scrolls, traditional dolls, lanterns and many more. The artwork that Japanese people usually select are more direct towards their values and beliefs such as a wave, cherry blossom or a koi fish. These are just some of the examples that a guest will be guaranteed to find in a traditional Japanese home.

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An interesting aspect of the Japanese home is that there must be an entry way to where the guest will be greeted as they take their shoes off. Jenny Nakao Hones stated that the lifestyle then was centered around the floor culture; therefore, removing the shoe was to keep the home clean. Also, being barefoot allow the human to have better health. Once again, the Japanese culture is highly influence in the way they decorate and design their home. We can see that very much values and beliefs are incorporated.

With that being said, stay tune for next week’s blog. We will be diving into the European culture to reveal how their values reflect on their interior design and home decor. 


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